No Sunshine

Astros Star Alex Bregman Shares His Rehab Journey in New Documentary

The film gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at Bregman’s injury and his road to recovery.

By Shelby Stewart September 23, 2021

Alex Bregman gives fans a look at his journey to recovery in a new documentary, No Sunshine: Reset, Rebuild, Rise. 

Image: Marco Torres

Houston Astro's third baseman and shortstop Alex Bregman, has waited patiently on the sidelines after suffering from a quadricep injury earlier this year. Now making a full recovery, the baseball star is back to tell the story. 

Bregman, along with his business partners Tyler Straub and Will Stout, produced a 25-minute documentary entitled No Sunshine: Reset. Rebuild. Rise.  The film follows Bregman’s journey to recovery, after being benched for over two months and placed on a rehab assignment that took him out of the major leagues.

The documentary, released earlier this month, is inspired by an Instagram post he shared following his injury in July, where Bregman  writes, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The athlete originally suffered from a hamstring tear, which ultimately led to larger problems with his leg muscles.

No Sunshine opens with Bregman four days out of his rehab assignment, leading up to his first minor league game with the Sugar Land Skeeters. The documentary further exposes Bregman’s journey, showing the mental toll the injury took on the baseball star. After a few unsuccessful games, he confesses how out of touch he felt with what was once his first love. The player reveals the injury halted his plans to return to his home team early, due to his rehab assignment extending further than expected. 

Throughout the project, fans can see Bregman's resilience, and his effort to get back into the game. His story quickly transitions from a  flashback on his injury to a nail-biting film, as fans await his fate. 

For the Silver Slugger Award winner, the film marks a triumphant return to the game he loves. During his first game back, Bregman swung a game-tying home run for the Astros against the Seattle Mariners, telling Steven Devadanam at Culture Map, “That homer felt like, ‘Yup, that’s you. You’re back.”

Watch No Sunshine: Reset. Rebuild. Rise. on Youtube. 

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