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Sugar & Cloth Color Wall's Latest Installation Highlights Houston's Diversity

After a two-year hiatus, the new installation showcases the city's diversity.

By Sofia Gonzalez and Shelby Stewart September 28, 2021

The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall is making a comeback in Houston. 

A new Instagrammable marker has made its way to Houston. After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the famous Sugar & Cloth Color Wall unveiled its newest pop-up mural installation.

The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall is the Houston Instagrammable sensation

The color wall was curated by Houston-based DIY blogger and founder of Sugar & Cloth, Ashley Rose. After taking time off from studying art and design at Marshall University, Rose decided to combine her art experience and her love for finding beauty on a budget, and birthed  Sugar & Cloth. The creative brand debuted its first color wall in 2016, and immediately gained popularity amongst Houstonians. Now, the widely popular mural is a social media sensation for both locals and tourists.

The cheeky wall is a visual anchor for Gulf Coast Commercial Inc.’s sustainable retail redevelopment, The Common, located at the eclectic axis of Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and Acres Homes. The Common’s location and textural elements made for a great canvas for Rose. The new installation boasts color bands that frame the area, painted park benches, and two ribbed cinder block walls that changes colors throughout the day. 

According to Tom Lile, the Gulf Coast Commercial Group President, they are "thrilled" about their partnership with Rose and her Sugar and Cloth Color Wall at The Common. "More than just a renovation, this previously aging strip center has really been reborn with the addition of this asset," Lile said. "And we are excited to use it for a backdrop for future programming that serves this unique community."

This year’s color wall has a deeper meaning for Rose, as the gathering space represents the inclusivity and diversity that Houston is known so well for. "The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall has always symbolized standing out, being colorful, and being authentically you," Rose said. "But now, more than ever, we’re proud of representing inclusivity and diversity above all. Our goal was for visitors to see a representation of themselves in this year's color palette."

The Common and the new pop-up mural can be visited at 1102 Pinemont Drive. For more information, visit The Common’s website.

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