"Mattress Mack" Won an Astonishing $75 Million on World Series Bet

How the furniture store owner wrote the biggest sports betting success story in history.

By Amarie Gipson November 7, 2022

This past weekend, the ‘Stros secured THE World Series victory against the Philadelphia Phillies, but one Houstonian scored much, much bigger. 

After throwing the game’s first pitch, Jim McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack of Gallery Furniture, won a bet on game six: Mack waged $10 million worth of bets across multiple forums and made a record-breaking (and yes, legal) $75 million profit at the end of the game. The entire stadium rejoiced in celebration of the dual win. As part of a special promotion at Gallery Furniture, customers who spent at least $3000 on a mattress set before the game will receive double their money back in the final payout. 

The locally beloved 71-year-old is known for his quirky furniture commercials, placing big bets on sports, and jumping into action by providing disaster relief resources and support, including his offerings for hurricane victims and the 2021 winter storm in Texas. The huge win isn't his first big bet but certainly his most rewarding, as he’s suffered more than $5 million in bet losses, including $3.2 million on the ‘Stros 2021 World Series attempt. For now, Mack’s main plans are to pay back all the customers, celebrate the ‘Stros, and continue helping people in his favorite place on Earth: Houston.

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