5 Dim Sum Spots For Takeout and Delivery

Order like a pro, and get dumpling crazy.

By Joanna O'Leary

One Dim Sum has plenty of treats for takeout and delivery.

In pandemic times, enjoying dim sum can be challenging, given this glorious repast is traditionally conducted in cheerily crowded dining rooms where you often sit with strangers while you choose your favorite steamed, fried, and sautéed small bites from rotating carts that are definitely fewer than six feet from your table. But safe social distancing need not be the death knell for dim sum. Next time you yearn for yum cha (and want to do your part in supporting Asian restaurants), order takeout or delivery from these five restaurants.

Golden Dim Sum 

Mask up, and make your way to Golden Dim Sum, one of Houston’s most historic dim sum spots, to pick up scallop dumplings, eggplant stuffed with shrimp, chicken feet with rice, and beef rice rolls. The Malaysian sponge cake alone is worth the drive.

One Dim Sum 

Since 2020 has been all about the “new normal,” why not take a break from your tried-and-true dim sum spot in H-Town and visit a newcomer to the scene? Your reward at One Dim Sum is the opportunity to try some more creative dim sum offerings, such as pumpkin puffs and black caviar and mushroom dumplings, plus a bevy of traditional favorites. Those self-isolating Downtown will appreciate not only the restaurant’s proximity but also the fact that delivery (of a limited number of dim sum items) is also available. 

Fung’s Kitchen

To make the most of your (takeout) dim sum experience at Fung’s, first set aside at least 30 minutes to peruse its encyclopedic menu. Then, when your order, follow the n+2 rule, where n is the number of dishes you initially think is the correct amount to feed your party. Because everything, and we mean everything, from the Peking duck rolls, to the pork sticky rice with peanuts in banana leaf, to the green tea mochi with durian, is so good, you'll need to try as much as possible.

HK Dim Sum

HK Dim Sum has been feeding Houston families for decades, and such loyalty stems from its no-nonsense, yet welcoming service and consistent high-quality dim sum. Turnip cakes, Shanghai pork dumplings, shrimp puffs, and fried bread should make an appearance on your order roster, as well as some seafood congee, which might be the best in the city. 

Kim Son

The multi-site, beloved, and family-owned Kim Son is offering takeout dim sum from its Sugar Land location. Try the pan-fried cake with green bean paste, crystal shrimp and vegetable dumplings, and other sweet and savory dishes (many of which boast welcome inflections via Vietnamese-style preparation). And don’t be dissuaded by the prospect of having to visit a Kim Son that is not necessarily the closest to you; remember, when you hop on the highway you’ll face substantially less traffic to procure dim sum dainties.

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