Houstonia Parent Company SagaCity Media Acquires Sarasota Magazine

We've got a new sibling!

By Catherine Matusow December 1, 2015

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Hey, can we come visit?

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It seems like it was just yesterday that SagaCity Media sent out a press release announcing the launch of a new publication, Houstonia, to a surprised populace long accustomed to living without a real city magazine. But the fact is, that was almost three (!) years ago.

So we suppose it was time for our ever-growing parent company—which is only 12 years old, by the way—to do some more growing. Yesterday, SagaCity announced the acquisition of not only Sarasota Magazine, but a slew of additional Gulfshore Media titles including Biz (941)SEE SarasotaSarasota Health and Venice Magazine.

“From our Pacific Northwest beginnings, with the launch of Portland Monthly and Seattle Met, to our acquisition of resort titles in the Mountain West, to our launch of Houstonia—the largest-selling monthly in the nation’s fourth-largest city—SagaCity’s march across the country has been both deliberate and tremendously gratifying,” SagaCity Media president Nicole Vogel said in a press release. “Behind our success lies an unwavering commitment, in every one of our markets, to producing the finest possible news and lifestyle journalism and custom content, all of it original and homegrown. And now, I’m proud to say, we’ll be making that commitment from coast to coast.” 

To our new Sarasota colleagues: welcome aboard! See the whole release here

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