As a senior in The Village School Entrepreneurship Diploma Program, Nicole Constantin will graduate with a fully functioning business as well as myriad of skills for her future. Nicole has attended The Village School since pre-school and leaves with leadership knowledge, internship experience, and college acceptances to some of the most elite business programs in the nation. She plans to grow her business, Bread and Salt, while attending college and increase distribution of her homemade breads. Her advice to other business owners is to be open to younger employees and value their ideas as they may spark change in the world.

The Village School offers the Entrepreneurship Diploma with founding partners Bridges to Wealth at the Wharton School. The program was established to prepare students with critical thinking, professional, and leadership skills to create and perform in the jobs of tomorrow and navigate the business trends of an ever-changing global economy. Students who choose the Entrepreneurship Program undergo a rigorous course of study covering marketing tactics, financial strategy, and many entrepreneurial skills as well as participate in business pitches and a corporate internship before graduation. 

2005 Gentryside Drive, Houston, TX 77077



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