Adding value to the home is only one of the things we do at Closet Factory. More importantly, we make life simpler; reduce the stress of getting ready in the morning, and make finding things a whole lot easier. 

Donald Yokovich has been the owner of Closet Factory for 12 years. Closet Factory has been serving the greater Houston area since 1994, completing over 10,000 projects. These projects included custom closets, home offices, media rooms, pantries, laundry rooms, wall beds and garages.

The success of Closet Factory has much to do with how we engage our clients in the process. From concept, design and material selection, the Designer works with the client on all aspects, including finding the right hardware, accessories and finishes to complete the project. 

915 Brenda St, Houston, TX 77076

281.226.8777 | CLOSETFACTORY.COM


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