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A.D. Players at The George Theater Still Believes In Miracles

Miracle on 34th Street is fully realized at The George this holiday season!

Presented by A.D. Players at The George Theater November 19, 2019

Miracle on 34th Street debuted on the big screen in 1947 and immediately became a classic, winning three Academy Awards and receiving even more nominations. Since that time the story has been told and retold. There have been movie remakes, a stage adaptation, a live radio play adaptation and it was one of the first full-length black and white films to be colorized. The story has stood the test of time, and is one you can bank on seeing in numerous formats each Christmas season.

Beyond tradition or nostalgia, there’s something about this story that still feels relevant, which is perhaps the reason it has become such a staple of the holiday season. “I think our audiences will be surprised to discover how relevant and timely the themes of this play are. We all grapple with the worldly woes of commercialism, job security, and bitterness, sometimes most of all during the holiday season. Miracle offers the antidote: a reminder that faith is transformative, and belief can change even the hardest of hearts. My humble hope is that our audiences, not just the characters, are transformed by an encounter with Kris Kringle and the true spirit of Christmas,” says Director Philip Hayes. 

A.D. Players at The George Theater have carefully placed this story in the holiday slot for their 53rd season—a season aptly name, A Season of Hope. The story, that focuses on little, mature beyond her years, Susan Walker’s admittance that she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, takes us all on a journey of belief. How do you believe in something that can’t be explained, seems impossible, and ultimately you are unable to see? Artistic Director Kevin Dean spoke about the decision to produce this show at this time: “Within every human is a quest for something larger than themselves, an understanding beyond what we can see, a need for hope. As children we have no trouble accepting these miraculous stories. Miracle on 34th Street allows us, as adults, to access a time in our lives when it was easier to believe. We need to be reminded of that. We need to believe in the hope of our community, in something bigger than ourselves and that we can be transformed by kindness of spirit. We at A.D. Players believes in miracles, we have experienced them. We hope the rest of Houston will come experience them with us.”

Miracle on 34th Street opens the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 29, with a preview night on November 27. It runs Wednesdays through Sundays until December 29th. Tickets and information can be found at adplayers.org or by calling 713.526.2721.

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