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Show Some Love With a Valentine's Day… Pomelo?!?

Urban Harvest Digs Houston–and Nature’s Bounty.

Presented by Urban Harvest January 13, 2020


How many fruit trees can you grow in Houston? More than we can count…

Sweet, sour, and everything in between: pick up tropicals, citrus, berries, grapes, and more at the largest single-day Fruit Tree Sale in the country! Bring your sweetheart to Sawyer Yards on February 15th and support Urban Harvest’s 20th Annual Fruit Tree Sale, featuring over 4,000 fruit trees with over 100 varieties adapted to grow in Houston. Urban Harvest, a local non-profit, cultivates thriving communities through gardening and access to healthy, local food. You can find your favorite fruit trees and create an orchard right in your own backyard. With selections suitable for large areas, small spaces, and container gardening, everyone can enjoy the fruits of the sale. Not sure what to plant? Fifty fruit tree experts will be onsite, providing you with all the advice you’ll need to grow your trees successfully.

Though the event opens at 9 a.m., come early to snag popular varieties like the Meyer Lemon and Owari Satsuma, or pick up unique offerings like the Flavor Grenade Pluot and Moro Blood Orange. 

Or, just skip the line altogether! Make a $250 donation to Urban Harvest before February 5th, you’ll receive access to the fruit tree pre-order site and have the benefit of receiving curbside service at the sale. In and out—volunteers will load your trees and have you on your way.

Interested in volunteering? We need you: Thursday through Saturday, February 13–15, to unload trees, prepare the site, and create an unforgettable experience. As a special thank you, volunteers can order ahead and reserve trees with Volunteer Pre-Order.  

Nothing’s sweeter than a Valentine’s weekend Fruit Tree Sale. Celebrate your ❤️ with fresh, locally-grown food—and bring your loved ones. Create a memorable weekend with this unforgettable event. The sale will be held at Sawyer Yards (2101 Winter St.) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on February 15th.  Tree-t yourself! 

For more information, check out www.urbanharvest.org/fruit-tree-sale. Varieties and prices, curbside donor and volunteer details, and fruit tree education are available! 

Worried you need to know more before buying your tree(s)? Then don’t forget to sign up for Urban Harvest’s upcoming hands-on Fruit Tree Classes: 

  • January 25: Fruit Tree Training and Pruning; 10:00 a.m. to 12:30pm hosted at an exclusive Houston-area orchard
  • February 8: Fruit Tree Training and Pruning; 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. hosted at an exclusive Houston-area orchard
  • February 22: Basic Fruit Tree Care and Planting; 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. held at Houston Museum of Natural Science