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Public Policy for a New Era: Introducing Rice University’s Master of Social Policy Evaluation

The program emphasizes using data analytics and research science to impact social policy and improve people’s lives.

Presented by Rice University March 2, 2020

Rice University’s Master of Social Policy Evaluation shapes today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders in public policy. 

Rice University’s School of Social Sciences will now offer a Master of Social Policy Evaluation, launching for the first time in fall 2020.  The program draws on the unique strengths of its faculty and research fellows from the Texas Policy Lab and the Houston Education Research Consortium, providing a new avenue for graduates to develop human capital that's relevant for a variety of business, non-profit, and government roles.  

The Master of Social Policy Evaluation (MSPE) is a 12-month, full-time professional master’s program.  The MSPE offers an exceptional opportunity to learn and apply frontier methods of social policy impact analysis. Students have the opportunity to explore specific policy areas in depth, including criminal and juvenile justice, public health, early childhood development and education, and labor markets. MSPE graduates will acquire the skills necessary to address the challenges faced by entities in the development, implementation, and evaluation of social policies.

Joining forces with the Master of Social Policy Evaluation are The Texas Policy Lab and Houston Education Research Consortium to bring expertise and leading-edge scientific research through partnerships with state and local agencies seeking to develop, implement, or refine programs designed to address the state’s social and economic challenges and opportunities. By providing scientific insight and independent, timely evaluations of current social and economic programs and new initiatives in the state of Texas, the Texas Policy Lab and the Houston Education Research Consortium expand the state government’s capacity to provide critical public services and successful outcomes for its constituents.

Ideal candidates for the Master of Social Policy Evaluation can articulate their readiness to tackle a rigorous curriculum, and at the same time, contribute to the classroom discourse with their own experience and knowledge. Explore the MSPE program’s website for detailed application instructions and deadlines.