It’s 2021: The year of the flip phone, when we saw ’90s fashion come back with a vengeance and witnessed the rise of the TikTok musical. Even the tech minimalists out there can’t deny that the year would not have been the same without our connection to our smart devices and the digital landscape of today—think of all you’d have missed without them!

If a tech upgrade is on your holiday shopping list, reinvented devices from Samsung will not only satisfy, but surprise. With impressive features and sleek designs, Samsung’s latest phones, tabs, earbuds, and more represent some of the most exciting tools for us to stay in the know as we head into 2022.

Here are five standout features from Samsung’s current haul.

1. Comfort is key.

Even as wireless headphones have fast become the way of the world, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 (from $149) stand out. Known for unparalleled comfort, the Buds2 offer Active Noise Cancelling, which cuts out external background noise, and Ambient Sound mode, which gives three levels of volume control. They also maintain a great battery life, which means you can enjoy hours of music, videos, movies, and more exactly to your liking.

2. Health stats dive deep.

Samsung’s health and wellness features go above and beyond, tracking miles or logging steps for fitness fanatics and casual strollers alike. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 (from $249) comes equipped with a new BioActive Sensor that measures skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body water, and body fat percentage. In about 15 seconds, it can capture 2,400 data points, giving users some amazing insights into their health and wellness.

3. Designed to be bold and beautiful.

In true Houston fashion, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (from $999) isn’t afraid to make a statement. In addition to the fantastic—and let’s be honest, fun—reinvented flip feature of the ’90s, the device’s new Bespoke Edition comes in 49 different color combinations. The latest iteration of the smartphone is sleek and durable and unlike anything else on the market. Unfold and scroll TikTok with the ultimate portable device, or make your own videos in Flex Mode through your very own hands-free, self-contained tripod.

4. The tech saves time.

The morning rush just got easier thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ (from $29). The latest version of the geolocating device uses new-and-improved ultra-wideband technology that helps users locate their keys, wallets, bags, and other valuable items with heightened levels of precision and accuracy, whether they’re across the room or across the neighborhood. Plus, when coupled with a Galaxy device, the phone’s camera uses arrows and automated reality to point you in the right direction.

5. Productivity is powered by 5G.

Why waste a minute more load time than you have to? Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 (from $599) is the first 5G tablet offered in the U.S., making it ideal for class, work, or your creative side hustle. Or if entertainment is more your speed, stream smooth-as-silk video and download faster for endless streaming over the holiday break. 5G connectivity gives you the power to connect to what matters with more speed and better network reliability than ever before.

And of course, we can’t forget the best feature of all: Samsung’s legendary competitive pricing. Gift the best in tech this holiday season without breaking the bank. At these prices, you might even be tempted to treat yourself.

To shop all Samsung that has in store, visit Or, Houstonians can always head to the Samsung Experience store in the Galleria to test and see the tech for themselves.

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