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The Roomiest Photo Booth in Town

PhotoMoto rolls through Houston—and possibly right up to your wedding.

By Annabel Massey July 3, 2013

Because Houstonians believe that anything you can sell, you can sell out of a truck (or a van) photographers Austin and Brittany Havican were not content to own a stationary photo booth. Behold the photo booth on wheels:

The project began with the restoration of a 1978 Volkswagen bus the couple bought in January. The Havicans then installed a large "live monitor"—essentially, the screen on which you see yourself posing before the shot is taken—AC units, cushions, speakers, a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera, and a Hiti Photo Printer. They also stuffed the van with props for their (potentially drunk) clientele: sparkly tiaras, feathered head-pieces, hats, and wigs.  It's like an “endless and exciting art project," says Brittany, who has worked as a photographer for 8 years. By April, the Havicans had rolled up to their first event.

For Free Press Summer Fest, Brittany hand painted their logo to use as the backdrop.

Party-throwers (the Havicans do a lot of weddings and holiday parties) generally rent the bus by the hour, and guests can cycle through the bus as many times as they like. Pricing is commensurate with stationary photo booth rentals. 

The photographers have recently added an airbag suspension, enabling the van to lift up and down. Brittany calls this the “baller aspect.” It’s kind of a safety thing, but mainly they like that they are able to lower it, allowing easier access in and out of the van for people dressed in party clothes or wedding gowns.

So far the record number of people to squeeze into one shot stands at eight, but that's by no means unbeatable.  “We like learning as we go,” says Austin.


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