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Style Setter: Asli Omar

The Tontons vocalist on Houston style.

By Sarah Pendley September 16, 2013

Asli Omar/Vocalist for The Tontons

What are you wearing? Urban Outfitters top, American Apparel pants, boots I found on tour, a locket with a photo of my beloved departed dog and a cross I found from a 25 cent machine.

How would you describe your style in 3 words? Unnecessarily complicated sometimes

Where are your favorite places to shop in Houston? Houston has some sick thrift stores like Value Village. But I'd also mix it with an investment piece from Macy's. I appreciate the duality of low-end with high-end.

How would you describe Houston's style in 3 words? One word, evolving. We're flowering into a cultural capital when we've traditionally been an underdog stylistically.

Who is your style icon? There's a blog I follow called Love Aesthetics. Also Coco Chanel. She said that taste is something you're born with.

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe? I lost my suitcase on tour in Arizona and it was full of my favorite pieces. Through karma, I was gifted my new favorite pieces: a Maggie Mason blue chiffon dress and a Chinese silk bomber jacket.

In what part of town are you most like be seen? The Museum District 

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