Halloween in a Hurry

No Costume? No Problem!

Three cool costumes you can DIY today.

By Sarah Gabbart October 21, 2013

We get it. You’re busy! With mountains of projects on your plate, a bustling social calendar, and trips in and out of town, the last thing on your mind is a Halloween costume. Except that you have a “costumes encouraged” creepy cocktail party this week and have neither the time nor the energy to Pinterest up something spectacular

Don’t stress—try one of these three easy DIY costumes, each of which you can pull together during your lunch hour.

Mrs. White (Or Miss Scarlet or Mrs. Peacock)

Clue is an awesome board game, which yielded an even more awesome movie, as well as the lazy person’s costume treasure trove. Throw on a cocktail dress, slap on a nametag with your character’s name on it, and pick some easy props. Suggestions: a candlestick and a map to the library.

Put on some 1980s garb (may I insist on something with epic shoulder pads?) and grab some colored poster board and stick-on letters from Texas Art Supply. Complete with a sarcastic phrase and attach the poster board to your body. Pro tip: to get this sucker to stay on, poke four parallel holes in the middle of the poster board, create a loop with ribbon, poke the ribbon ends through the holes and secure with tape, then slip your arms through the loops. 

Rosie the Riveter
This costume is an oldie-but-goodie, guaranteed to yield the “Ooohhh—cool!” stamp of approval from other bar patrons. It’s also a pretty comfortable option, meaning no teetering on heels or trying not to knock drinks off tables with your poster board.

To achieve your Rosie look, you need some coveralls (find at Academy) or just a pair of jeans with a denim shirt. Tie your hair up in a red bandana (polka dot, if you can find it) and flex your guns. Costume complete!

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