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Nordstrom's Secret Weapon

If it doesn't work, she'll tell you.

By Sarah Gabbart November 19, 2013

I was 11 when I had a Pretty Woman-style shopping montage moment, though instead of being a hooker with a heart of gold, I was a precocious tween looking to up my style game. My mom and her friend brought me to the majestic Galleria to turn the once tantrum-inducing chore of shopping for new school clothes into a “girl’s day.” I remember putting on this really cool probably not cool hat, popping on some oxford shoes, and strutting my stuff out the door. I felt like a like a million bucks. That’s when I knew fashion was transformative. 

Many, many (many) years later, I’m having the same feeling gliding out of Nordstrom, shopping bags in hand and a scorched credit card in my wallet. But now I have more help than my mother and the well-meaning mall teenagers could provide: a new fashion best friend helping me find what I was looking for—most of which I wouldn’t have picked for myself.

Armed with 11 years of fashion retailing for Nordstrom and a God-given talent for making things look cool together, Dina Giambrone loves being a stylist. 

“I just love that one-on-one experience,” Giambrone said. “It’s like shopping with your best friend. I want people to feel good—I don’t leave my house if I don’t feel good. I want people to experience that. People don’t know that fashion should be fun. That’s where I come in—to teach people to make their style reflect them.”

Interested in having a style revolution moment of your own? Here are some of her top tips to get the most out of your styling experience.

  1. Be Open: You don’t know what’s going to look good on you, so be ready to try everything on. If it doesn’t work, she’ll tell you.
  2. Have a Real Budget: Their job is to help you find items in your price range and accessorize it for a cool look.  Don’t throw out a crazy low number and hope to get a new wardrobe or an amazingly high one and get sticker shock. That said, shop the sales (they have great ones a few times a year) and save up to 40%. 
  3. Have a Good Time: Dina’s number one rule is making sure people feel good. If the outfit is stunning, but you’re sulking—it’s not for you.  

Those two on the right came home with me! Not to mention the accessories on the table...

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