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Gift Getaway in Rice Village

Travel the world without leaving Houston at Saint Cloud.

By Sarah Gabbart December 10, 2013

We were in Siena. After polishing off what had to be the world’s largest sandwich and a couple of glasses of vino, we headed off to explore the city. Two winding streets in, we hit a dead stop. A parade to celebrate Il Palio was coursing through the medieval town and it was blocking our path completely.

As we turned to exit the short, cobblestone street, it wound around and cut off our exit too. Scouting for any place to stop and sit for a while, I spotted it: a shoe store. Cue audible groan from my husband. It was fate! Those floral-printed, blue-heeled stunners were mine and I only parted with them five long years later when they disintegrated.

Saint Cloud
5217 Kelvin Street
Houston, TX 77005

Everyone has had that moment on vacation. You’re having a wonderful time, you can’t believe this is your life, and boom—you come across something so perfect to commemorate this experience that you have to bring it home.

Saint Cloud aims to do that for every shopper that glides in their doors. With wares ranging from high-end espadrilles to beautifully scented candles, the Rice Village boutique hits that mark easily. Every item seems to be from that wander lusting friend who keeps bringing you back fantastic presents from her world travels.

Cecilia Marquez, along with partner Jessica Rodriguez, has parlayed her experince in fashion buying and love for travel in to a well-curated collection of products. In the future, they hope to expand to more categories in the future, offering clothing, shoes and more housewares to delight Houston shoppers. 

At Saint Cloud, which celebrated its grand opening Friday night (fashionably late, according to our previous story on the unique shop), you’ll find something unique for the most discerning on your list.

Homebody? Try one of the wool throws by Mandal Veveri. The fashion enthusiast? Grab a pair Moscow sunglasses by Prism in matte black ombre. But bring your wallet—souvenir-stand prices these aren’t. The Marie Turnor pyramid-studded clutch will set you back $255 while the Lem Lem scarves are a cool $175. In other words, the folks on your list better be good.

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