I saw them the instant I walked in. The first thing that caught my eye? Their supple, robin's egg blue leather gleaming at the top of the stairs. The second? The woman standing perilously close to them. I had to move fast, so I hustled past the register, galloped up the steps two at a time, and snatched them up with a single swipe of my hand. "They're not going to fit you," the other woman sneered. "They're tiny!" As soon as I popped my foot inside the right one, her eyes widened with jealousy. "LUCKY," she yelped. "Those are some killer boots."

These are them! My super blue, crazy awesome vintage boots.

Made in Mexico for a little boy’s growing feet, my blue boots are the perfect size for my six-and-a-halves. Short enough not to tangle with my muscular calves, tall enough not to look like something a girl in a Kid Rock video would wear (cowboy booties—noooo!!), these boots have become my go-to footwear for travel, formal events, and, of course, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Now that it’s February and two-stepping at Reliant may soon be on your agenda, it’s time for you to score a pair of killer boots, too. Here are some ways to make that happen, based on your Rodeo style.

Ironic Attendee
Cowboys? Foods on a stick? These are not typically your jam, but you’re curious about the subculture of honky tonkers invading your town each February and are going as a purely social experiment. For that, you need to blend in.

Your outfit: Antropologie dress, party cardi

Your boots: vintage, duh

Your shops to snag a steal: Retropolis, Texas Junk Company

Killer Boots: Ironic Attendee

Urbane Cowgirl
You live for the Cattle Baron’s ball. Between your Texas Heritage committee meetings, and meeting friends for a cocktail in your company’s suite, you need some boots so stunning you’ll wear them over jeans.

Your outfit: designer skinny jeans, body-conscious top, fringe jacket

Your boots: Old Gringos

Your boot-ique: Pinto Ranch

Killer Boots: Urbane Cowgirl

City Slicker  
Boots? Like the western kind? Nope. Not going to happen. You’re not a fan of the “fresh off the farm” look and you sure aren’t going to purchase rodeo-style accoutrements just because everyone says you should. You’re independent! That said, you want a fried Twinkie and bought tickets for Bruno Mars—you need a something to wear that says “Yeah—I’ll wear boots. But the ones I choose!” 

Your outfit: Levi’s, a T-shirt, and whatever the hell else you want—we’re not the boss of you

Your boots: Biker booties

Your “they’re not western!” shop: Madewell


Killer Boots: City Slicker

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