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Stop Wearing Your Jacket as a Cape

And other advice from Houston fashion blogger Shasie Turner.

By Sarah Gabbart March 28, 2014

Soon after starting her own blog, Live Life in Style, in 2010, engineer Shasie Turner found that there were lots of others in Houston who also wanted to cover trends, events, and style, but many of them didn't know one another. So Turner founded the group Houston Fashion Bloggers, which is dedicated to supporting independent fashion and beauty bloggers through networking, events, and opportunities to connect with the fashion industry.

The group has been a place for up-and-comers to find their dream jobs, promote their individual businesses and blogs, and just meet like-minded people. Now in its third year, Houston Fashion Bloggers provides an easy way to stay current and connect with others who love fashion and beauty.

Do you have any spring style tips for the readers of Houstonia?
Pastels are going to dominate this spring—think lavender, blush tones, and mint green. This is a drastic change from spring seasons past where neons and vibrant hues dominated. If pastel clothing is not your color (let's face it, we all can't be Lupita Nyong'O who looks amazing in every single color known to man), then opt for pastel accessories. I'm also a big fan of braided hairstyles. Braided hair is perfect for springtime! Add a flower or fascinator accessory to your hair and you're good to go! 

Why did you start the Houston Fashion Bloggers?
Creating the Houston Fashion Bloggers was not my goal when I started networking with other bloggers in Houston. It sort of fell in my lap.   

At the time, I really didn't know any other Houston-based fashion bloggers existed. It wasn't until Fashion Houston 2011 that I started meeting other bloggers. I received a press pass to cover the event and met some other bloggers in the press pit, who told me about other bloggers, and all of a sudden I realized there were a ton of us in Houston. I gathered everyone's emails and organized a meetup at a coffee shop on December 4, 2011. It rained and out of everyone who RSVP'd only five girls made it, including myself. We decided to try again in January.

I wanted to find a way for other bloggers to join us for the January meetup, so I created a group for Houston Fashion Bloggers. (At the time it was called Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers, but we shortened it for quick-sharing purposes). After creating the meetup group, it grew exponentially and I decided to keep the monthly meetups going! We are now in our 3rd year, having celebrated our two-year anniversary at Elaine Turner this past December.

Tell me about your signature style. 
I describe my base personal style as MCT: modern, classic, trendy. I call it my base style because if I find something outside of MCT and it fits my shape and looks good I'll wear it! If I was known for anything when it comes to style it would be for thinking outside the box. I admit that it was a bit easier to think outside the box when I was smaller. Now as a plus-size blogger I feel limited with my clothing options. I hope one day the world realizes that curvy girls love fashion and [like] having options too!

Any fashion pet peeves?
I have a bunch, but I'll limit this response to two:

1. When everyone does the same thing.
I hate when I'm scrolling through Instagram and all of my favorite fashion bloggers look the same—same outfit style, same pose, same item (think Valentino Rockstud heel). I've started calling this phenomenon clone fashion style. The clone fashion style I dislike the most is seeing everyone wearing their jacket as a cape—you know where it's unthinkable to actually put your arms into the sleeves of your coat and everyone has to do it! Ha!

2. People trying too hard.
There are people with innate style that can just put a look together without overthinking it. Then there are people who think too much about what they are going to wear and it comes across that way. I'm definitely an advocate for trying something new, but you have to feel confident and comfortable in what you're wearing. To me, it's very obvious if you are uncomfortable and not feeling confident in your attire. Confidence is the best accessory! 

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