Video: Houston’s Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

Why do hundreds of Hollywood starlets come to Houston for plastic surgery instead of getting their work done in L.A.? Dr. Franklin Rose explains.

By Peter Holley April 18, 2014


Houston —also known as "Silicone City"— has been hub for breast augemtation for as long as anyone can remember. Sitting atop the cosmetic throne is Dr. Franklin Rose, a longtime surgeon and media regular whose clients include everyone from wealthy oil execs to Hollywood insiders.  

For our May issue story we went behind the scenes to figure out why women (in particular) travel from all over the country to see Dr. Rose and what it is he can do for a fledgling Hollywood career. As part of Houstonia's ongoing collaboration with CW39, we proudly present this NewsFix segment inspired by our print story.

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