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Meet the Shopkeeper: Basiques

A mobile shop aims to keep your wardrobe grounded.

By Sarah Gabbart April 23, 2014

Sheri Falk is a woman on a mission. 

“Fashion by definition is geared toward becoming obsolete,” Falk lamented. “They sell you on something that’s only good for a season, and then they want you to buy something else for next season.”

A capsule wardrobe—one that Europeans have been sporting for years—is a relatively new obsession in the US. Legions of images on Pinterest dedicated to the art of having less clothing, but having high-quality garments that mix and match, are popping up left and right. Though visibility has increased, easy solutions are slow to market—save for one shiny red shop on wheels, Sheri Falk’s Basiques.

Photo courtesy of BASIQUES

After moving to Paris and working for the French brand Anne Fontaine, Falk decided that the most stunning women were also the most simply dressed. It wasn’t just what they were wearing that caught one’s eye; it was the woman herself.

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Desperate to bring this experience to the States, she opened Basiques in Uptown Park. No longer a brick-and-mortar shop, Basiques is now a mobile fitting room. Each woman is measured using a web-cam, then works with Falk to create a personalized pattern that can be reordered at any time.

In addition to made-to-measure items, Basiques carries an array of off-the-rack options so that shoppers can experience the “Whoa!I look gooooood!” moment for themselves without having to wait for an order.

Photo courtesy of BASIQUES

“Men have all kinds of options for made-to-measure clothing,” said Falk. “There’s nobody really catering to women in that specialty area. Women don’t want to look at swatches and say ‘Oh—I think I’ll want three shirts in these colors.’ They want to put it on. We want to see our assets in a garment.”


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