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What Not to Miss at Pop Shop Houston's Spring Festival

Play some vintage games, make a terrarium, and perfect your hula-hooping skills.

By Alice Alsup April 28, 2014

Image: Brittany Bly

At this weekend's Pop Shop Houston, you'll find vintage clothes, artisanal everything, and a taste of Houston's indie music scene. Pop Shop holds events around Houston every month (these would be the "mini pops"), but on May 3rd and 4th the indie craft lovers will be hosting one of four major yearly events. Their last big event drew in 5,000 people, so expect to brave crowds. In the spirit of preparedness, here's a list of the five surprises to look out for at Silver Street Studios this weekend:

1. Free-to-play vintage video games: Insomnia Video Game Culture will be at Pop Shop Houston with consoles and games from the 80s and early 90s. Get your Sonic the Hedgehog fix while your friends shop around. 

2. Personalized poetry: Available for sale, barter, or trade by local poet Traci Lavois Thiebaud. She will ask you for a prompt. Her musing for me on the word “ellipsis” was brilliant.

Image: Brittany Bly

3. More bands than ever playing outdoors on the deck at Summer Street Studios. The folks at Pop Shop Houston love to book newer, lesser known Houston artists. Look for Children of Pop, a dreamy pop band, and Whitney Mower, a local singer-songwriter. Mikey and the Drags, The New Mercies, DJ Fredster, and Reverberation will also be performing.

4. Make-your-own-terrarium workshops. Pop Shop will hold these all day on Saturday and Sunday. Also consider making a hula hoop with expert hooper Faith Stephens. (She can even help you learn tricks.) They'll also have a station to make your own ecologically friendly cleaning products such as hand sanitizer and laundry soap. 

Image: Brittany Bly

5. Free goodie bags. Pop Shop will hand out handmade items to the first 25 visitors each day. What’s in those bags will be a surprise of its own.

WHAT: Pop Shop Houston 

WHEN: May 3 & 4 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

WHERE: Silver Street Studios at 1501 Silver St.

ADMISSION: Free; VIP passes available for $20 


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