Wolf of Wardrobe: The Jonathan Blake Fall/Winter Collection

We were expecting the fashion, but the wildlife came as a surprise.

With Sarah Pendley April 3, 2014

Now we know what secrets a coy Jonathan Blake was keeping from us when we tried to get him to talk about his invite-only Fall/Winter fashion presentation at the Omni. Among the accessories with which he adorned his models Wednesday night was a live wolf, walked down the runway as part of the evening's final look. The audience applauded the wolf's appearance, and a few brave souls even petted the furry model. 

Apart from the Houston zoo, Blake's influences in his 2014 Fall/Winter collection appear to include Chanel, Valentino, and Versace. With pantsuits, pencil skirts, and cocktail gowns, he showcased the classic, wearable pieces for which he has become known. The collection was sprinkled with jewel-tones and a mix of leather and wool. Among the looks that stood out was a clever draping of mink on tweed, though it's unclear how the Wolf felt about the use of fur. 

Explore the wild evening in the slideshow below.


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