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Hayward Trunk Show Happening Now!

If you like fancy things and Hollywood, head to Atrium right now.

By Katie McNew May 21, 2014

High-end-handbag lovers, I'm talking to you.

2040 W. Gray St., Ste. 120

Hayward, the new luxury handbag line created by Marin Hopper (daughter of Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward, and granddaughter of famed Hollywood producer Leland Hayward), has hit Texas. Inspired by her eccentric, ambitious grandfather and art-loving parents, Hopper has created a line that speaks to lovers of old-Hollywood glamour. It's luxury and originality with an eye on surprise and fun.

As Hopper says, the Hayward lady "is a true original. ...  She can hop a steamer and fly her own plane, or just be plain Jane." Plain Jane with a bad-A purse, that is.

Prices are, well, pricey in a range starting around $600 and going up to nearly $2200. But what you'll get—aside from excellent craftsmanship and luxe materials—is exclusivity. This is the first time Hayward has come to Texas, so you can rest assured you won't find another out on the town.

The trunk show ends when Atrium closes its door for the day, so get there before 6 p.m. If, by chance, you miss this one-day event, don't fret—bags can be purchased online.


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