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Runway to Real Life: Resort Wear 2014

Resort wear is having a moment, and Houstonians should rejoice.

By Sarah Gabbart July 10, 2014

Resort (or cruise, as they’re sometimes called) collections started off as a quiet way for retailers to stock warm-weather appropriate clothing for well-to-do ladies jaunting off to St. Bart’s. More recently, they've become the stuff of big-name fashion shows for the well dressed public. While these clothes are marketed as “pre-spring” or “winter-to-spring” transitional wear, I say in Houston, Texas they’re March-to-October appropriate. As someone who lives in a warm weather destination (what? Houston is a destination. Yes it is. IT IS YOU GUYS.) I welcome anything that adds stylishly beautiful summer clothing so that we can look less sweaty while we leave our jorts in the closet. 

Resort 2014 had some beautiful designs to imitate—here’s how you can take advantage of the trends without breaking the bank. (Click through for stores and pricing information.)


At its 2014 resort collection show, Chanel was all about black and white. My favorite: the bold florals in this top and skirt combo. Translate this look for real life by finding a simple sheath and some highlighter green Chucks. If sneakers aren’t your jam, how about a flat sandal in orange?  

Resort Runway: Chanel


As I’ve mentioned before, “Rorange” is my favorite color. So it makes me super happy to see a gorgeous shade of this power color in a cooler-than-cool swing silhouette. Try a slip-on leopard print sneaker or a chic espadrille in a faux-exotic skin. 

Resort to Real Life: Gucci

Oscar de la Renta

The gray, the peplum, the shocking coral—I don’t even know where to start with this cool look from Oscar de la Renta. To keep these elements together I flipped them around, taking the gray to the top and adding a cigarette pant in that bright red-pink hue for a demure and work-friendly ensemble. 

Resort to Real Life: Oscar de la Renta

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