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What to Wear There: H-Town Sneaker Summit

Presumably, you've figured out which shoes to wear at this weekend's big event, but we'll help with the rest.

By Katie McNew July 25, 2014

While I can't help you sneakerheads (yes, I use the term lovingly) choose from your tens (hundreds?) of pairs of sneakers on the day of the big H-Town Sneaker Summit, I can help with the rest. First, let's think about the event—it's all about sneakers, attended by those who love sneakers. Your look better let your sneaks shine.


What to Wear There: H-Town Sneaker Summit

 I am in love with these neon high tops, which will definitely stand out with a clean pair of white skinny jeans. Pair them with a loose tee and coordinating bralet, then go for the jewelry, which is also a wallet. Yes, I'm talking about a chained wallet. Yes, it will look good, and yes, you will thank me because your hands will be free to hold as many shoes as you please. Oh, and no, you don't have to splurge on the McQueen, but it's sure fancy! I also love this studded Valentino bracelet and fancy cars and private islands, but I will probably leave them all on that list of things to buy after winning the lottery. Surely, there's something similar at Forever 21, right?





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