Capsule Chic

Maybe you don’t need all those “options.”

By Sarah Gabbart September 24, 2014

Classic fashion lives on the notion that less is more, so why don’t our closets reflect that? As much as I love a good sale, the influx of new items usually leaves me feeling a lot more stressed out than when I find one perfect item to fill a gap in my wardrobe. I was trying to figure out how to reconcile my love for fashion and my need for simplicity when I came across the perfect solution: a capsule wardrobe.  

Long used by Europeans, who often have smaller closets, the capsule wardrobe consists of basics, much-loved items, and some seasonal trends mixed in to keep things fresh. Many contain no more than 35 items, including shoes and handbags, while some feature more items to deal with confusing climates (you know, like our “is-it-hot-no-maybe-it’s-raining-wait-is-that-snow?” beloved Houston weather). 

Add some minimalism in to your closet and get maximum style. Here’s two resources to get started. 

Into Mind

Photo via Into Mind.com

An overplanner’s dream, Into Mind has a treasure trove of resources on how to plot your capsule collection, including how to nail down that oh-so-elusive signature style “uniform.” Warning: like Pinterest, you can spend hours on this site. Make sure to set a timer and warn friends to check in on you if you’re prone to falling down the fashion-blog rabbit hole.


Image via Un-Fancy.com

She’s got major (minimalist) style and lives in Texas, which means she understands our weather and how to pull of laid-back chic in 110 degree heat. On Un-Fancy, the blogger takes you though her 37-piece seasonal wardrobe and shares her planning tips for putting together the perfect look with minimal items.


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