A Chic Effect

High Fashion Meets High-Powered Careers

Houston's newest fashion blogger wants to help you look good at work.

By Sarah Gabbart October 27, 2014

Lisa Dawn, second from left, with attendees of her launch party. Pictured: Lisa, Barbara Henson and Montaque, with a friend (far left).

Lisa Dawn is on a mission to rid Houston of boring corporate attire. Dawn debuted her blog celebrating just that, A Chic Effect, at Elaine Turner last Thursday evening with a champagne reception that supported Small Steps.

"A lot of professional women feel like...you have to fit this mold of ‘I wear my black or grey suit, my beige pumps and I can’t express myself," Dawn said. "To me it’s been the complete opposite—I want people to notice me because I’m capable and smart, and a lot of that noticing comes from your appearance. You want to present well, and you want to be yourself."

An attorney at Thompson and Knight, Dawn knows that a conservative environment offers unique challenges for those who want to be fashionable and professional. Her answer: infuse your look with personality, keep yourself appropriate, and don’t take any wardrobe criticism too seriously—unless it’s from your boss.

Dawn poses in a special event look by David Peck. Photo via A Chic Effect.

"I don’t want professional women to feel stifled once they enter the workforce," she said. "That said, you want to make sure you’re not wearing anything too short or too tight. And leave the clubbing shoes at home. Know your dress code and work within it."

Her blog aims to fill the gap between high fashion and climbing the ladder in Houston, where law firms, medical facilities, and oil and gas companies are the top employers. Expect to find lots of tips on how to dress for work, for play and everything in between, all with a distinctly Bayou City influence.


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