7 Fashion Films You Need to See

When you can't watch The Devil Wears Prada again

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen January 20, 2015

You know you've seen The Devil Wears Prada one too many times when someone brings you flowers and your response is to channel Miranda Priestley's droll comeback: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." There is no shame in putting on yoga pants and living someone else's fashion moment vicariously from the comfort of your couch—especially if you have never seen these stylish films.

If you love Breakfast at Tiffany's, watch Priceless (Hors de Prix).

Starring Amélie's Audrey Tautou, this is an updated version of the Capote classic for the new millennium, set in the glamorous, moneyed South of France. When a professional girlfriend accidentally leaves her meal ticket for a charming bellhop, she has to scheme her way back into a life of luxury, teaching him her tricks along the way. (Available for digital rental on Vudu.)

If you love The September Issue, watch Mademoiselle C.

For all the love it got, the documentary that took us inside Vogue was a little underwhelming, probably because it spent more time with serene creative director Grace Coddington instead of Anna Wintour. For real fashion magazine drama, check out Mademoiselle C, which follows iconic Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld as she launches her own magazine. (Available to stream on Netflix.)

If you love Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, watch Troop Beverly Hills.

Who says fashion has to be so serious? Both these comedies about shallow, fashion-loving ladies who try to reinvent themselves are classics, but only one taught me that if a designer gown is missing a bead you can totally negotiate. (Available to stream on Netflix.)

If you love Clueless, watch Heathers.

Because rich girls and plaid share a love that will never die, even if suicide somehow becomes the most popular trend in school. (Available to stream on Netflix.)

If you love Annie Hall, watch Bonnie & Clyde.

Finally, the fashion movie you can convince your boyfriend to watch with you. While Annie Hall is all talk, Bonnie & Clyde is known for its violent gunfight scenes, which shocked audiences when released in 1967. Like Diane Keaton, Faye Dunaway earns instant icon status for the effortless way she wears her scarf and beret.

If you love Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, watch How To Marry A Millionaire.

Apparently gold-diggers are the fashion gift that keep on giving. The set-up: three models in New York (Lauren Bacall, plus a wonderfully comedic Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable) hatch a plan to hunt rich men before getting sidetracked by that most annoying of intrusions: love.

If you love pugs, watch Valentino: The Last Emperor.

Rome! Red dresses! There's a lot of glamour and a good helping of pathos involved in watching legendary designer Valentino Garavani design and present one of his last collections before retiring from his label, but most importantly there are pugs. Five of them. Sadly they don't wear any clothes.


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