A Sad Farewell for Fly High Little Bunny

Is this the end of the road for the offbeat jewelry store?

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen January 9, 2015

I'll admit that I didn't shed too many tears when I heard that Ruchi's (and its neighbors at the corner of Shepherd and Alabama) was being torn down and replaced with a CVS. Not because anyone really needs a CVS (unless it's Christmas, obviously) but rather because I don't need margaritas made from tequila-flavored wine served to me in a plastic cup at 3 a.m. either, and in the unstoppable name of progress a dated strip center seemed too small, too unneccessary a loss to mourn.

As it turns out, the gods of progress were not satisfied with this sacrifice. In the name of a convenient drive-thru pharmacy and a spacious parking lot, the demolition will stretch south and take with it the building that is home to offbeat jewelry shop Fly High Little Bunny.

After a brief reprieve from demolition that kept the store open through Christmas, the shop closed its doors on Sunday. As one Swamplot reader noticed, they also left behind a sad bunny mural that pulls at the heart-strings like a drawing of a one-legged puppy.

Still, this tearjerker will hopefully have a happy ending. Though owners didn't immediately return Houstonia's request for comment, they note on Facebook that Fly High Little Bunny isn't closing forever, just moving to a new location still to be determined. 

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