Hot Pocket: Fusion Wrap Is the 'Anti-Fanny Pack'

What to wear if you're resolving to work out.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen January 5, 2015

Fusion Wrap in tie dye, $34.95

Sometimes the most brilliant idea is also the simplest. Lisa Marie Viglio-Nej, a mom and a nurse from Florida, couldn't find an easy way to tote her phone, keys, cash, and other small essentials when she went for a run. She dreamed of yoga pants with a secure pocket to carry the essentials, and eventually realized the solution was even simpler: forget the pants—just make the pocket.

The result is Fusion Wrap, a sleek, stretchy belt that's designed to be worn around the waist or hips. It's made from Spandex and other stretchy materials used for yoga pants and secured by a zipper, in addition to two zippered pockets.

"So it's a fanny pack?" is what you're thinking. No, it is not a fanny pack. While fanny packs are distinguished by looking incredibly awkward even when they are rechristened "belt bags" and made by designers, the Fusion Wrap isn't bulky. It sits flat even when it's loaded with all your essentials. Worn under a tee it looks like a long, layered tank; with yoga pants it could be a folded-over waistband. It's not all tie-dye patterns (as seen above) either. Although pink seems to be the uniting factor in the women's designs, there's also a version in basic black.

Viglio-Nej uses it not only for working out but also at theme parks, on vacation and for running around the soccer field with her kids, and also suggests it as a solution for girls who are going out at night in those pocketless skinny jeans. Once you have a pocket of your own, it's not hard to find a reason to use it.


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