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Spend Money Smarter with WorthIt

Paying full price is for suckers.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen January 29, 2015

For years, I've had one tried-and-true method of avoiding buyer's remorse. When I see something I fancy in a store, I immediately calculate the price I think it's worth, and then check the price tag. If the number is over my estimate, I put it down and walk away, before I'm tempted to pay more than it's worth. Then I just hope that someday the object of my desire will go on sale and we can be united again.

Now that retailers have caught on to sale-savvy shoppers, it's even harder to get a good deal. That's why Houstonian Jason Kaminsky created WorthIt. Whether you're browsing online for something specific or just trying to make your Champagne taste work on an Asti budget, WorthIt is designed to help you pay less than full price and still get exactly what you want.

Kaminsky came up with the idea when he and his wife were comparison shopping for a baby stroller, and he was annoyed with having to constantly click through all his saved sites to see if any had it on sale. After a couple of years spent tweaking the algorithm, the site and app launched to the public in 2014.

Sign up online (or download the iPhone app) and WorthIt will direct you to install a bookmark in your browser toolbar. Then when you browse the 75-and-counting partner stores—major retailers from Neiman Marcus to Walmart—and you find something you like (but not at the current price), click the bookmarklet and WorthIt will record the exact item (size, color, etc.) as well as the maximum price you are willing to pay—the amount you feel its worth, in other words. 

You'll get an email when the price falls into your acceptable range at any online store—not just the store from which it was saved. You can also use the app comparison to shop for prices across a number of stores, hit 'Explore' to see what other users are browsing or pull up your dashboard of saved items to check on their current prices and click through to buy.

You know what's better than wishing and hoping that gotta-have-it thing goes on sale? Knowing you'll find out the moment that it does.

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