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Shorts Season Is For Everyone

The spring shelves are full of short styles to flatter every form.

By Maggie Berardo February 13, 2015

How many pairs of shorts are in this picture?

When every other song on the radio praises unique backsides and “tasty cakes” then it’s no surprise that dressing for spring is all about that bass. What better to call attention to your beautiful behind than some bold print shorts?

Floral jacquard shorts, $98 at Anthropologie

Having recently found an amazing pair of high-waist floral print shorts at Anthropologie in CityCentre, I've had my own fashion epiphany about how amazing those colorful booty shapers can be. Namely that you don’t have to be a size 2 to showcase your bum and legs this spring. Take it from a size 12 gal, no body shape is exempt from the benefits of bold shorts. 

The key is finding the right shape and print to suit your own personal style.  I’m a fan of high waisted cuts, as they better cover my hourglass figures and compensate for my shorter legs by giving the illusion that my butt starts higher than it really does.

Some of my hippier friends would probably benefit from the higher waist lines to show off the natural slope of their bodies, while those with a boyish figure might get more out of linen or silk shorts that settle comfortably low on your hips.

Anyone with longer legs or thigh anxiety can have a lot of fun with the Bermuda style, but whenever I try to wear those stylish knee-length shorts, I just look like a puberty ridden teenager who hasn’t replaced her pants after a pudgy growth spurt.

Lace lining shorts, $24.99 at Mango

We’re lucky right now: existing in the age of booty means that there are far more than just your run-of-the-mill jean shorts on the racks. Denim is always a classic, but you can find electric pink floral prints, red modernist paisley prints, crazy geometrics, and suprisingly casual versions lined with lace this season—and that’s only scratching the surface.

Do you like metallic chic? They have that in animal print! Want to put the daisy in Daisy Dukes? Gotcha covered. The selection is wild out there (even some wacky silk shorts with faces on them too).

I encourage everyone to try something new and have your own shorts season epiphanies. Show off your booty, whether you’ve got bass, treble, or something in between.



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