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4 Pet Shops for Exotic Tastes

Dogs and cats aren’t for everyone.

By Catherine Matusow March 9, 2015 Published in the March 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Sugar Glider! D'aww...

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Everything Pet

3616 N. Fry Rd., 281-717-4060, Katy;

Know what your albino Honduran milk snake wants? A zombie-themed aquarium, that’s what, and this is the place to get it—as well as to satisfy all your fish, frog, turtle, tarantula, snake, and, um, “feeder animal” needs. 

Paradise Fish and Pets

FM 1960 E., 832-644-5025, Atascocita;

Snakes do not live by mice alone, at least not anymore. They also eat something called dubia roaches, and you can pick those up here, along with pets like the aforementioned snakes, dwarf hamsters, and guinea pigs. There are good fish and bird selections too. 

Quality Feed & Garden Co.

4428 N. Main St., 713-862-2323, Heights;

This place is closing in on a century of doing business, and it’s a real emporium. Not only are there gilled, winged, and furred animals for sale, there’s feed for any and everything under the sun, from livestock to—yes—primates, plus aquariums, nesting boxes, and lots more. 

S&S Exotic Animals

1711 Connorvale Rd., 281-590-0426, Greenspoint area;

Need a hedgehog sleeping bag, a ferret mansion, or a chinchilla hammock? This is your shop. It not only offers a huge selection of exotics—sugar gliders in particular are a specialty—but emphasizes responsible ownership, making customer education a priority.

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