The Sheer Look

Women of all ages can wear this year's flattering, see-through styles.

By Beth Muecke April 27, 2015

There were a lot of trends presented on the runways for 2015, but one of my favorites was the sheer look. A woman can wear something sheer in so many ways, whether it be revealing or more modest.  A little bit of see-through is so flattering and eye-catching and the "peek-a-boo" look is suited for any occasion from casual daytime to formal evening. 

Model: Beth Muecke

Dominique Sachse Florescu looks stunning in this lovely sheer gown and daytime blouse.

Model: Dominique Sachse Florescu

See-through can be worn on the shoulders, arms, or the lower part of a skirt. These looks, for evening and daytime, are  polished yet flirtatious.

Models: Jessica Stern Meyer, Maria Bassa

Lace is always beautiful for a sophisticated feminine look.

Models: Jaquel Andrews, Samantha Evans

Sheer looks from the runway.

Sheer looks from the Spring 2015 runway presentations.




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