You Know You Want This Heights Pillow from House Hunters

Television made it a star. Now, once again, this pillow can be yours.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen April 7, 2015

I watch House Hunters because I enjoy the watching people with high expectations and a low grasp of reality reject homes because they don't like the paint colors. (House Hunters International, on the other hand, I watch in case I'm even on the run from Interpol and I need to know about international real estate practices. That and the tantalizing beach views.) As it turns out, other people watch House Hunters to get home decor ideas. Hey, to each their own.

So when a recent episode of the long-running series featured a couple who found a throw pillow that reads Houston Heights, Est. 1891 as well as a house that satisfied almost everything on their wish list, a star was born. I'm talking about the pillow, of course.

The Heights pillows (and other similar styles) are sold at Barrio Antiguo, who promptly sold out of the design. But good news: the store has the pillows back in stock. For now. So go ahead, show everyone your neighborhood pride.



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