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When Fashion Gives You Lemons...

Citrus prints are oh-so-fresh this season.

By Layne Lynch May 22, 2015

Lovely lemon, from left: June & Hudson strappy lemon romper, $54 at Nordstrom; Porridge layered swing tank, $68 at Anthropologie; Dear Creatures "Dropping by for a Visit" dress, $114.99 at Modcloth.

Summer is here and bright, golden orbs are flourishing in our closets.

Yellow has always been one of the less-popular hues in the runway world. Difficult to pull off without the perfect tan, yellow is never going to be the new black, or even the new orange. And yet a plethora of fashion brands and local boutiques are slowly warming up to mellow yellow, especially when it comes in youthful, whimsical prints.

For years, cherries were the chief fashion fruit; this season, however, lemons have dethroned the popular stone fruit, bursting onto a selection of handbags, accessories, blouses, dresses and more.

We're digging the rise of the zingy fruit, and in honor of all the golden and neon we're witnessing on Houston streets and fashion spreads, we decided to highlight a handful of lemon prints. Check out a few of our faves...

Kate Spade has amped up her playfulness in recent collections, producing less conventional, more downright sensational handbags and accessories. Conservative black and brown leather has been replaced by sushi print, raccoon flats, apple carriers and more. The designer's awesome lemon prints are the perfect carryalls for a sunny day at the pool or a Sunday stroll the farmers market.   

This sweet satin citrus from Modcloth (above, right) looks like a dress straight out of the closet of Zooey Deschanel or Mindy Kaling. And while you probably won't wear fruit every day of your life, this vintage-evoking dress is something we'd wear on the regular. If you're looking for real vintage though, check out this adorable Etsy find!

Anthropologie’s summer tops are a hot commodity. Two tops in particular—this sheer, peasant-style blouse and this loose-fitting tank (above, center)—are calling our names. The unique lemon illustrations are gorgeous on both the flirty tops.

Truth be told, there isn’t a single Johnny Was scarf we wouldn’t wear, but that shouldn’t stop us from paying tribute to this silk lemon leaf scarf. The graphic isn’t saturated with fruit; instead, the piece pays tribute to the lemon hue, which is weaved beautifully into this accessory.

The only one way to wear this gorgeous lemon romper (above, left) is with a lemon-based cocktail in hand. If you’re feeling frisky, pick up this ASOS lemon swimsuit, too!

While we aren’t very likely to drop $1,500 on a pair of wedges, who are we to judge those who will? Besides, lemons and polka dots on a shoe? Color us charmed! And if you’re looking for the matching handbag, Dolce & Gabbana has you covered. 



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