Get Your Eyebrows On Fleek for Fall

Lucky Cat Beauty's Aubrie Layne spills her best brow advice.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen August 12, 2015

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Is it possible that the return to fashion of the ultra-strong brow is feminism in action? When not plucked into half-moon oblivion, our brows highlight and exaggerate our expressions (just ask Cara Delevingne), and embracing the full spectrum of emotion—even resting bitch face—is certainly a feminist cause du jour. It can't be a just a coincidence that Nicki Minaj, the reigning boss ass bitch of music, also helped popularize the #eyebrowsonfleek meme, right? 

Whether or not you like your brows with a side of girl power, as the end of summer approaches (right? please?) it's a great time to get back on your brow game. We queried Houston makeup artist Aubrie Layne, the founder of Montrose's Lucky Cat Beauty, for her tips on how to keep your brows looking good for fall.

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Lucky Cat Beauty founder Aubrie Layne

Forget the rules you've heard 

Remember that pencil trick about how to hold it next to your nose to determine where your brows should start and end? Layne says forget that: Your brow shape and size should be determined by your facial shape, not by writing utensils. 

Say no to waxing

Layne prefers to remove extraneous hairs via plucking, and says threading can be appropriate depending on the type and location of hair, but she says to never, ever get rid of brow hairs via waxing. It's too blunt to be precise and Layne says that any hair removal method that can cause bleeding—like waxing—can permanently damage the hair follicle so that hairs never grow back. 

Check out eyebrow extensions or staining

With the current preference for thick brows comes new beauty options for helping women—even those without the natural brow bounty of Lucy Hale—achieve brow greatness. Customers can have their brows stained at Lucky Cat, which darkens the hairs so that brows look thicker and more filled in even without any daily effort. Eyebrow extensions, like those offered at Chic Lash Boutique, can help fill in the literal gaps caused by scars, waxing (see?) or over-plucking through the years. 

Focus on the arch

Layne's biggest tip for anyone styling their brows is to start grooming at the center of the arch rather than at the ends around the nose. Filling in at the arch means that you can decide how and where you want the focal point of the brow to fall, which makes shaping the hairs that lead to the arch much easier. It's counter-intuitive, but after a week of trying it Layne's way I found that her technique saves me time and uses less makeup because I'm not filling in around all my brow hair indiscriminately.

Get the right tools

Layne has her own line of Lucky Cat lashes, but she says she'll never expand into brow pencils because she's already deeply in love with the BrowGal line made by her friend, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Tonya Crooks—which, of course, is sold at Lucky Cat.

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