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Yes, There's Swoon-Worthy Shopping in Tanglewood

Kelly Giddings and her mother cater to the west side's budding fashionista set at Swoon.

By Beth Levine October 5, 2015

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Co-owner Kelly Giddings at her Tanglewood boutique, Swoon.

Think the best local boutiques are all located inside the loop? Not so. Go west, young shoppers, for we know a spot that will make you swoon.

Swoon, the brainchild of The Monogram Shop owner Janet Burke and her daughter Kelly Giddings, opened its doors in July 2012 on San Felipe in Tanglewood, just across the street from the fancy new H-E-B and all the other new shopping options that came with it. After working alongside her mother for years, Giddings created Swoon to take their love of fashion to the next level by focusing on affordable options for budding fashionistas, hand-picked by the mother-daughter team. Swoon carries an incredible range of clothes and accesories, most for under $100, from Winchester bullet jewelry (I own a pair of the bullet shell studs and love them!) to super-soft vintage tees and luxury toiletries.

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College game day tees at Swoon

When she's not shopping at Swoon, Giddings' style influences range from Anthropologie to Topshop, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Giddings' personal style—and trust me, she’s got it in spades—can be felt throughout the store, starting with mother-daughter buying trips to make sure Swoon stays on top of the latest trends and aligned with Kelly’s unique aesthetic. The shop has also been influenced by Giddings' new role as a mother—Swoon now carries stylish options for today's moms-to-be outside of traditional maternity wear. These days you can usually find her in the store wearing something by Los Angeles line Bobi, which uses unexpected shapes to make its simple, well-constructed basics stand out, and sporting a pair of Tkees flip-flops while working on the store's social media presence.

She's also in charge of keeping the space looking swoonworthy—yes, that's a real word, according to Urban Dictionary. So the next time you are looking for something fun and new (without breaking the bank), get in your car, take a drive outside the loop and get ready to Swoon.

Swoon is located at 5886 San Felipe at Fountainview, 832-251-8771,

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