Spring Ahead

Beat the January Blahs with This Colorful Elaine Turner Preview

The quickest cure for a gray day is a sneak peek of the Houston-based line's bright clothes and accessories for Spring 2016.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen January 28, 2016

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We are ready to be lost in spring colors, like Elaine Turner (right).

It's not even the end of January, and I'm over it. Winter fashion, that is. I was basically begging for the mercury to drop a little more back in September and October, those salad days, just so I could break my knee-high boots out of the closet. Now they're scuffed and in need of some TLC after a season in heavy rotation. My cozy sweaters now feel heavy, my seasonally appropriate deep oxblood lipstick is starting to feel one-note, even my fuzzy Christmas house socks seem like a necessity rather than a cute winter novelty.

I'm ready for spring—for bronzer, for sandals, for tank tops, for clothes designed to flounce and twirl in, rather than to pile on and protect me from the elements like a layer of blubber on Shamu.

Apparently Elaine Turner knows that the winter blahs are an epidemic right now, because the Houston designer has released a preview of her Spring 2016 collection, and it's like an oasis of color in a desert of gray skies. The behind-the-scenes video is a much-needed promise that spring is around the color, and will bring with it strappy cobalt heels, breezy dresses in shocking pink, tropical floral prints and tote bags in poppy red, alongside Elaine Turner signatures like python prints (also in vibrant hues) and cork. All we have to do is make it to February, when much of the collection hits stores (although Houston stores have already started getting getting shipments) and, I assume, when pool weather once again returns to South Texas.

Also there will be balloons, and Fanta, and plastic yard flamingos. Spring is coming, and I am ready.


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