Where to Spoil Your Pets the Natural Way: Kriser's

The GOOP lifestyle has arrived in Houston—for your pets.

By Beth Levine January 7, 2016

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Kriser's Natural Pet in The Woodlands

Our two large dogs have taken to scratching the back door whenever they want to come inside, an unacceptable practice that I had no idea how to curb. I texted my former dog trainer who had helped us a couple of years ago when they were just pups. He recommended working with the dogs on a bell system; after doing some research, I found Poochie Bells. It seemed like just the right dog training toy that would have a functional capability that would fit into the look of our home. Poochie Bells is a ribbon that sits on your doorknob and has jingle bells attached to the ribbon at two heights; one height is for small dogs and the other is for large dogs. The challenge lies in training your dog to jingle the bell when they want to go out or come in to the house.

Poochie Bells were the 'big gift' that the dogs were receiving for Puppy Christmas, our annual celebration to include the dogs in the holiday festivities. Puppy Christmas also includes ground beef mixed in with their dry food for dinner and a long walk with the family to look at (and bark at) the neighborhood holiday lights. Puppy Christmas is a big deal.  

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So imagine my elation when I spied Poochie Bells from the parking lot before I even walked into Kriser's Natural Pet. The store, which has four Houston locations, had everything we wanted for Puppy Christmas and more, from puppy ponchos to salmon jerky, pet puzzles to freshly baked dog cookies. There's even a full grooming facility attached to the store with smartly pruned pups prancing in and out, showing off their new dos.

This type of pet store has been a long time coming for the conscientious pet consumer. With its first location opening in Chicago in 2006, Kriser's Natural Pet sought to cater to a more particular pet owner who wanted to give their pet the same lifestyle that they wanted for themselves. Kriser's discerning selection is just what Houston pet owners like me were wanting. In fact, there might have to be a Puppy Christmas in July this year to account for all of the cute pet-related purchases I will be making there in 2016.

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