Rodeo Houston's Must-Have Accessory

Show off your Rodeo insider status with a pass cover from Baird & Baird.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen February 23, 2016

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Baird & Baird ostrich rodeo pass covers, $195 each.

Every time Rodeo Houston season rolls around, locals are reminded that the ultimate status symbol is not a Chloé bag or a Porsche. (Can you even drive a Porsche while wearing a proper 10 gallon hat?) Nope, it's a rodeo pass or badge, a magical talisman that earns members perks like free parking, access to great seats to watch Miranda Lambert and the chance to drink among other movers and shakers inside the Corral Club.

Wearing a badge means that you've donated serious time and money to making the rodeo a success, so shouldn't you show it off? Our new favorite way to display it in style is in the handmade ostrich leather pass covers by Baird & Baird, designed by Houstonian Minnie Baird, who specializes in creating beautiful clutches and handbags from exotic skins.

"Rodeo passes need to be easy to access, so I thought it'd be nice to have around it your neck—and why not do it with a little color and style?" says Baird.

These beauts come in four rodeo-friendly colors—brown, tan, olive and pink, all of which will complement any turquoise jewelry you're undoubtedly wearing, and cost $195. Order it on Baird & Baird's online shop, or contact the company if you want your cover in time for the  barbecue cook-off this week—they'll even same-day messenger it to you. 

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