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It’s that time of year again. Forget spring cleaning and March Madness: Spring break is on the loose. And that means a whole new mess of a wardrobe. As bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, board shorts and speedos are unearthed from the back of closets and bottom drawers, it never hurts to fill your beach tote with a few more break-ready things. So before trekking off into the spring sunshine, here are some accessories you need to double check are good to go.

Skin Protection

We start off with the ever-necessary sunscreen. We want bronzed gods and goddesses, not lobsters. Be sure a tube of your choice is always nearby, and use it often.


What’s your cover-up? With all the focus on what goes in the water, there’s not enough attention given to water-adjacent outfits; that is, what you're wearing over that bikini. Crocheted dresses or denim shorts are a favorite, but you could also change it up with a printed overall or romper. Or play it simple and flirty by tying a scarf as a head wrap, over even around your neck as a gauzy sarong—refer to Pinterest for examples and how-tos.


Never forget millinery matters. From glamour girls in floppy hats to the hipster cred of an Astros snap back, we expect some kind of head adornment to offer shade and add some style to your slinky ensemble. While a cap is a more practical given the unpredictable Texas wind, since it's spring break we recommend grabbing a woven Stetson and heading to the shore.


Sunglasses are always a must. Are you a pair of classic Ray Bans Wayfarers or a rough-and-tumble Aviator? Whatever your frame, make sure your shades offer UV ray protection for a stylishly effective look, then head out with your cheapest pair, because chances are these bad boys will get some abuse from the sand or be lost to the surf.

Fanny Packs

Last but not least are fanny packs. These around-the-waist carriers are now go-to accessories—both men and women of all shapes and sizes are toting them up and down the South Padre Island shoreline. Yes, the '90s are coming back strong! So find a color or print that suits you and stylishly store all your necessities.

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