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I Tried It: Black Lipstick

Fashion is having a very goth moment, but pulling off this trend isn't as easy as it looks.

Photography by Hala Daher March 9, 2016

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Fashion is having a very goth moment. What started with the health goth trend is now full fledged '90s throwback goth and all the designers that matter are cashing in. Alexander Wang is doing it. So is Givenchy.

My big inspiration from the latest crop of NYFW runway shows has been gothic makeup styles featuring black lipstick. My homegirl Rihanna sent her models out in matte black lipstick and silver hair for her Fenty x Puma show. Rodarte played with a more romantic look with rouge-noire stains and big, bold flowers. 

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First try: Kat Von D's 'Slayer'

I thought this would be an easy enough look to pull off. Just put on black lipstick and look like like an instant badass, right? I headed to Nordstrom in the Galleria to speak to one of its many talented makeup artists on how to achieve this look. His advice—after giving me a funny look at my out-there request: Try Kat Von D's lipstick in Slayer. Such a perfect name! Unfortunately Kat Von D's makeup line isn't sold at Nordstrom so off I went to Sephora. 

Sephora is every makeup junkie's obsession. They have everything and they're sure to have the color I'm after. After a bit of perusing, I realized Slayer was the only black lipstick they carried. I was a little surprised that none of the other high-end makeup lines offered anything similar. I tried it on and it looked...awful. This is not a good look for the average girl. It made me look immature and completely washed out my skin. Not the look I was going for. 

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Black liner under a purple cream lipstick turned out to be a more wearable option.

Time for Plan B: One of the artists at Sephora made a suggestion to line my lips with a black pencil, then follow with a glossy lipstick on top. This would provide a more mature and flattering take on the gothic look, while keeping it a little more subtle. Lucky for me, I already own a Dior Crayon Kohl Liner in Jet Black and more lipstick than I know what to do with. 

For a fancy night out, I decided to try this makeup hack to go with a black silk jumpsuit and long earrings. I made sure my skin was impeccable and my eyebrows were well groomed. I left my eyes bare, with just a quick swipe of mascara for polish. I filled in my lips with the black eyeliner and used Smashbox's Be Legendary cream lipstick in a purple hue as a finishing touch. Voila! I got compliments all night on a very cool and edgy look and I didn't even have to buy anything new to make it happen. 

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