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The Activewear Brand that Lisa Frank Would Love

Teeki makes dreamlike yoga pants and accessories for quirky fashionistas.

By Ayshe Tayfun March 4, 2016

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The go-to activewear brand has been Lululemon Athletica for quite some time, but since the Sheergate fiasco of 2013, new fitness lines have challenged its yoga pants supremacy. As athleisure has become fashion's biggest trend, these new lines have changed the game—the variety is endless and matching gym outfits are a thing of the past. The sky is the limit, as styles have moved past neon colors to bold and exciting prints.

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Look close, and you'll see the elephant with a flower crown on these Teeki yoga pants, $72.

None of these activewear launches are as fun and unexpected as Teeki. These are yoga pants as Kesha and/or Lisa Frank would design them. There are patterns inspired by earth scenes such as sunsets and night skies, but our favorites blend soothing color forms with illustrations, like a night sky enliven by scribbled lightning bolts, a desert scene overlaid with clouds and a picture of a unicorn, and a fox head among a pattern of wildflowers. 

Teeki prides itself on making sustainable clothing that is not only made of recycled materials like water bottles but also produced in the U.S. to reduce the brand's carbon footprint. If spandex isn’t your thing, check out the prints section of Teeki's website and choose your favorite design to see the range of items you can find it on. Tanks start at $32 and pants range from $52 for capris to $82 for—yes, really—bell bottoms.

Having your head in the clouds means something completely different with Teeki’s earth-inspired and fantastical clothing. You will be hooked on the dreamlike designs, even if your workouts aren’t so serene.

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