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I Tried It: '60s Mod Makeup

Because when you have short hair there's no better beauty icon than Twiggy.

By Hala Daher May 4, 2016

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I have a confession: I rarely wear makeup. Most days I'm bare-faced and I prefer to focus on making sure my skin looks good. But every once in a while, for a special occasion, I'll go all out. Usually it's a swipe of red lipstick. If I'm feeling bold, I might attempt a smoky eye or maybe a cat eye. I can't actually apply any makeup with skill, so I've always forced my poor friends to do it for me. 

For my best friend's bachelorette party, I actually asked her to do some mod makeup for me. I have short hair, after all, and a Twiggy look would look pretty cool.  Unfortunately she was all, "Girl. No. Even I don't have those skills." 

So I found someone who does. I enlisted the help of my good friend Angela Baranowski Bayse, an aesthetician at Beautique in Rice Village. I knew she had the skills—she once transformed me and another friend into David Bowie (RIP) for a Halloween party. My friend dressed as the Goblin King from Labyrinth and I was Ziggy Stardust. Angela's makeup totally made our looks and brought us a ton of compliments all night. 

Angela was totally into the look and loved the idea of something so adventurous. We decided to make it really dramatic, especially the eyes. The look includes a heavily lined eyelid crease; thick, full eyebrows and "clumpy" lower lashes. A matte, nearly nude lipstick rounds everything out. 

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The author flaunting her mod look.

Image: Hala Daher

To create the look she used all Glo Minerals products, starting with an eye primer. Next she covered my eyelids with a shimmery silver/white shadow and lined my crease with a jeweled eye pencil in black. She somehow made my eyebrows bigger and bolder than they already are using brow powder and gel. Seriously, my eyebrows are already on the strong side and she took them to a whole new level. 

Next, she played with my skin. Since its pretty clear and I don't normally wear much makeup, we decided to apply sheer coverage. She did some light contouring to really make my cheekbones pop. She also somehow made any bags or dark circles under my eyes disappear using highlighter without making it look like I had a ton of makeup baked on.

The finishing touch, which I think makes the whole look, were the false eyelashes. To create the "clumpy" mascara look on my lower lashes, she used the 102 Demi Lashes from Ardelle. She made sure to trim them to a reasonable length before applying them. For my top lashes, she used the Demi Lashes from the same brand. 

The final look was exactly what I had in mind. I wore a '60s-inspired geometric sweater and my favorite studded boots to dinner that night at Prohibition Supper Club to take in a burlesque show. My look wasn't '20s-inspired like the other guests and staff, but it still exuded glam to celebrate my friend's upcoming nuptials. 

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