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I Tried It: Shaving My Face

Hey, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used to do it.

By Hala Daher June 2, 2016

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As you've probably figured out, I'm a little bit obsessed with my face. I'll try just about anything to make sure the skin on my face is clear and bright and looking good. This is how I ended up shaving my face—in the name of amazing skin. Stay with me, ladies. I didn't borrow my brother's nasty razor and cover my face with Barbasol. I'm a classy lady, after all. If I'm going to shave my face, I'm going to call it something fancy, like 'dermaplaning,' and I'm going to remind myself that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used to do it.

This all started during a visit to Body Envy MedSpa for a laser treatment. The laser technician recommended I try dermaplaning to clear away any little fuzzies and dead skin. She said she had experience performing the "procedure" in the past and promised me that those little hairs wouldn't grow back thicker. She explained that it could be done professionally at a spa (unfortunately Body Envy Houston doesn't offer the service yet), but since not many Houston spas offer the service yet, she told me it was also possible to do it at home.

A couple of days later, I had my dermaplaning blade in hand—not my brother's gross razor. The tech recommended using the Touch N Brow razor from Sally Beauty Supply. Bonus: These razors are also great for eyebrow shaping and cleaning up around the nape of your neck for all my pixie-haired sisters out there. She also gave me simple instructions: Pull the skin tight and shave downward with short strokes while holding the razor at a 45 degree angle. Wash your face and moisturize when you're done. No other product is needed. She recommended only using each razor about three times before tossing and to clean it thoroughly between uses. You don't want to break out from using a dirty razor.

The end result was perfection: clear, smooth skin minus any peach fuzz. My face appeared brighter and my facial products seemed to be absorbing better into my skin. On the rare occasions I wore makeup, it went on smoother. And no, the hair did not grow back darker or thicker. I now incorporate this into my facial routine about once every week or two. 

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