Now that we've seen Fendi models fashionably stomping over the Trevi fountain, there's essentially nothing left to look forward to on the fashion scene before the September issues. Not to worry: If you're in need of stylish inspiration—especially the wow-I-could-actually-make-that-work variety—just fire up the DVR or your favorite streaming service and enjoy the sight of these stylish women as they plot to take over the world, survive relationships, solve mysteries and look smashing doing all of it.

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1. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling), The Mindy Project

Mindy is a fantastic doctor and entrepreneur, a serial dater, a single mom and an inveterate clotheshorse, which is probably too much for a real person but seems to work for her. Her clothes are bright, colorful and feminine without being overly cutesy, and I love seeing a women who is not a sample size flaunt her love of style—call it the reverse Tina Fey. Mindy's overflowing closet has even become a plot point on the show, and if you're into interior design, her pad (and her on-again off-again partner Danny's apartment) are both fun to behold as well. (Streaming on Hulu)

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2. Cookie Lyons (Taraji P. Henson), Empire

There is nothing left to be said about Cookie and her one-woman show of lingerie, animal print and fur. My Cookie-inspired tips on how to dress like a boss are still relevant, even through the twists and turns of Empire's second season. (Streaming on Hulu, Fox Now)

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3. Sharon (Sharon Horgan), Catastrophe

If you are a professional woman who wishes she could wear lemon-yellow sweater or jumpsuits in a bright poppy pattern, Sharon Horgan is living your dreams. Her wardrobe adds a slightly whimsical touch that counteracts the character's acid tongue. Sharon mixes prints like a boss and knows that the best complement to a juicy color is another juicy color (preferably yellow). If Catastrophe is about the challenges of being a grown-up, at least it shows the silver lining is the ability to wear whatever you want and make it work. (Streaming on Amazon)

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4. Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis), Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Returning to Sydney at the height of the Roaring Twenties, Phryne Fisher is an heiress, a lady detective and freewheeling, independent woman whose sharp bob, sharper wit and flapper fashion is never not on point. If she doesn't inspire you to wear more hair jewelry, nothing will. (Streaming on Netflix)

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5. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Scandal

The end of Downton Abbey means there's room in your life for a new soap opera where everyone dresses flawlessly. Kerry Washington single-handedly made white-coat gladiator dressing a thing a couple years ago, and the fashion on this show has only gotten better. (Streaming on Netflix)

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6. Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), House of Cards

Most of these characters' styles are emblematic of their personalities, but none more so than icy first lady Claire Underwood, who is eternally polished and put together—so controlled she falls asleep in her stilettos at one point. Season 4's Candidate Claire is sartorially even more interesting than First Lady Claire, although nothing will ever compare to the sight of her walking down a hallway in a slinky silver gown by Ralph Lauren that moved like mercury on her in Season 3. I dare you to watch it just once. (Streaming on Netflix)

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7. Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), Jane The Virgin

Jane is practical, optimistic, ambitious and adorable, and her wardrobe is full of cute, colorful, wearable dresses. If you could shop through your television, hers are the kind of outfits that you'd want in your own closet. (Streaming on Hulu)