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I Tried It: Spray-On Nail Polish

My hands looked like I had gotten into a bag of ketchup chips.

By Hala Daher September 21, 2016

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Enjoy walking around with bubblegum hands, model!

One of the things that inspires the most laziness and lack of talent in my life is nail care. I only treat myself to professional manicures/pedicures for special occasions, like a beach vacation. I don't actually know how to paint my nails on my own. My mom did a bad job of teaching me this stuff.

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I'm not even sure I even have staples like nail polish remover or nail files at home. I have nail clippers somewhere and I don't bite my nails. That's about it. So when I heard that spray polish was a thing, I had to try it. Maybe this will be the product to get me to put a little effort towards my nails? Probably not. 

I got a can of the Nails Inc Spray Can Polish ($12) in "West End," its version of classic red, which is really the only nail color I wear (I'm clearly not into nail art). I also got The Paint Can's Best Friend 2-in-1 base and top coat as recommended on the can. The instructions were simple: Use the base coat, spray the polish, let it dry then use the top coat. Anything that got on your hands can easily be washed away with soap and water. 

That's exactly what I did, but the problems started immediately. The polish did not go on evenly. I tried a second coat but it didn't really solve the problem. The color goes on matte and has a slightly grainy texture, and even after multiple coats there was variation in the color. The red itself wasn't very pretty either, with an orange-y tone.

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Image: Hala Daher

I hoped the top coat would provide a bit of shine to class things up but that didn't help either—it just looked cheaper. I was also worried about getting spray polish on my clothes and furniture, as the can sprays a large volume at once—or maybe my hands are just too small. 

Now the fun part: The instructions said washing your hands with soap and water should get the excess polish off your skin. My hands were pretty covered in paint and washing them didn't make a dent at all. I had to search my entire house for a bottle of nail polish remover and couldn't find anything. I made a quick trip to the pharmacy to purchase a new bottle to get the paint off my hands so I can go out in the world looking like a normal person who knows how to apply nail polish.

Even that didn't get everything off—my hands looked like I had gotten into a bag of ketchup chips for a couple of days afterwards. I wish I could say this product changed my life, but it just wasn't worth the effort. I'll stick with the professionals who know what they're doing.

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