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I Tried It: The Coveted Pat McGrath Lip Kit

"If glitter is what kills me, so be it."

By Hala Daher September 28, 2016

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The Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lip Kits hit Sephora on Sept. 8 and immediately sold out.

Have you seen Naomi Campbell's lipstick look from the 2016 VMAs? Even Rihanna flipped out over it. The rest of us were just as excited over the sparkly red lipstick she wore courtesy of legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath.

The glittery lip kits, called Lust 004 Lipstick Kits, are expensive ($60/kit) and hard to find. The exclusive release hit Sephora less than a month ago and is constantly sold out. The kits are a five-piece set that include two highly pigmented matte lipsticks, two pots of fine glitter and a clear vinyl gloss. The wearer typically puts on the lipstick, applies the glitter and then the gloss to hold everything in place.


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In this case, "I Tried It" is a bit of a misnomer—instead of me experimenting with something new, I'm channeling the experience of my friend Ana, who got the lipstick kit as a gift. Ana is a super-talented hair colorist at Elements Salon in Montrose and in the last couple of years has been dealing with some serious health issues related to thyroid cancer. To lift her spirits (and the sprits of everyone around her), she's taken to dressing up to go to the hospital for doctor's appointments, treatments or surgeries. Dressing up for Ana includes some wild and creative outfits themed around Hello Kitty or Prince that she describes as "faux and not-as-fabulous drag queen." I think she looks fabulous and I'm constantly impressed with her bravery and sass.

Img 5267 a9ddhq

Ana's fierce and fabulous surgery outfits.

Img 5268 if4hiq

Ana modeling the lip kit.

For the latest surgery, her fourth in two years, she decided to really outdo herself on the makeup front by using the lip kit, even though she's not technically allowed to wear makeup in surgery. In her words, "if glitter is what kills me, so be it."

The look was simple to apply and just as easy to remove, so her doctors and nurses weren't too upset with her for wearing makeup to the hospital. "The best thing about wearing those lips and the costume was how happy it made people," she says, which as far as I'm concerned is a pretty awesome attitude to have.  As far as how the lipstick feels, she reported that it wasn't sticky and it didn't smear all over her face either. 

Ana is currently doing well while recovering from surgery and planning her outfit for the next doctor's appointment. Hopefully the glittery red lips make another appearance. 

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