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7 Stylish Houstonians Share Their Favorite Fall Trends

And how to wear them all at once.

By Beth Muecke October 10, 2016

Fall is in the air and most of us gals are re-arranging our wardrobe to incorporate a few of this season's trends. As a style blogger, I have been checking out stores, runways, fashion magazines and more to see what's what for Fall/Winter 2016. There are many cute trends that are brand new, and several that are being playfully recycled. So I wondered: what are some of my friends looking forward to wearing this season? They sent back answers across the style spectrum—and examples of how to pull them off, too.

I'll start: The trends I'm wearing include a guitar-strap purse, leather skirt, faux fur, chokers, boho hat. 

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Handbag by Valentino//Styling by Beth Muecke and Vivian Wise//Model: Beth Muecke

Kendra Muecke

"Long and short overalls are all over the place this fall, whether plain or embellished."

Trends Kendra is wearing: Overalls, fringe, metal choker, fishnet, thigh-high socks and boots.

Hmagfall8 ysiuxx

Outfit from House of Devour//Styling by Beth Muecke//Model: Kendra Muecke

Image: Beth Muecke

Vivian Wise

"This fall a girl can look glamorous and comfortable at the same time."

Trends Vivian is wearing: black and white, tuxedo-inspired style, pajama pants, embellished mules, ornate headbands. The pink hair and bold lips are always in style!

Hmagfall3 spwa0a

Vest by Louis Vuitton//Pants by Givenchy//Shoes by Gucci//Model and Styling: Vivian Wise, founder of Heart of Fashion

Image: Beth Muecke

Nicole Lassiter

"The black-out look is always chic."

Trends Nicole is wearing: sheer layers, leather skirt, choker necklace, thigh-high boots.

Hmagfall4 cssqsf

Styling/Model: Nicole Lassiter, former Miss Texas

Image: Beth Muecke

Mary Frances Nance

"Bomber jackets are one of the most popular items this season, coming out in different colors, looks and styles."

Trends Mary Frances is wearing: embellished bomber jacket, statement bralette and frilly miniskirt. 

Hmagfall6 abj9ut

All clothing from Sloan/Hall//Styling by Beth Muecke//Model: Mary Frances Nance, Miss Teen Houston

Image: Beth Muecke

Logan Lester

"The denim jacket is the other throwback jacket that's popular this fall, often adorned with logos, pins and other embellishments. How fun!"

Trends Logan is wearing: embellished jean jacket, denim on denim.

Hmagfall7 ifnmao

Styling/Model: Logan Lester, Miss Houston

Image: Beth Muecke

Maria Bassa

"Sometimes a few simple pieces can make a wow outfit."

Trends Maria is wearing: denim skirt, sheer layers, thigh-high boots.

Hmagfall1 wekpov

Styling/Model: Maria Bassa

Image: Beth Muecke

And of course I couldn't just pick one look for fall! One of my favorite trends this year is the return of velvet everything.

Trends I'm wearing: velvet tank top, pants and purse, military-style jacket, graphic clutch. 

Hmagfall5 udh7ap

All clothing from Richly Clad//Styling and model: Beth Muecke

Image: Angie Fanelli


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