Fall is in the air and most of us gals are re-arranging our wardrobe to incorporate a few of this season's trends. As a style blogger, I have been checking out stores, runways, fashion magazines and more to see what's what for Fall/Winter 2016. There are many cute trends that are brand new, and several that are being playfully recycled. So I wondered: what are some of my friends looking forward to wearing this season? They sent back answers across the style spectrum—and examples of how to pull them off, too.

I'll start: The trends I'm wearing include a guitar-strap purse, leather skirt, faux fur, chokers, boho hat. 

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Handbag by Valentino//Styling by Beth Muecke and Vivian Wise//Model: Beth Muecke

Kendra Muecke

"Long and short overalls are all over the place this fall, whether plain or embellished."

Trends Kendra is wearing: Overalls, fringe, metal choker, fishnet, thigh-high socks and boots.

Hmagfall8 ysiuxx

Outfit from House of Devour//Styling by Beth Muecke//Model: Kendra Muecke

Image: Beth Muecke

Vivian Wise

"This fall a girl can look glamorous and comfortable at the same time."

Trends Vivian is wearing: black and white, tuxedo-inspired style, pajama pants, embellished mules, ornate headbands. The pink hair and bold lips are always in style!

Hmagfall3 spwa0a

Vest by Louis Vuitton//Pants by Givenchy//Shoes by Gucci//Model and Styling: Vivian Wise, founder of Heart of Fashion

Image: Beth Muecke

Nicole Lassiter

"The black-out look is always chic."

Trends Nicole is wearing: sheer layers, leather skirt, choker necklace, thigh-high boots.

Hmagfall4 cssqsf

Styling/Model: Nicole Lassiter, former Miss Texas

Image: Beth Muecke

Mary Frances Nance

"Bomber jackets are one of the most popular items this season, coming out in different colors, looks and styles."

Trends Mary Frances is wearing: embellished bomber jacket, statement bralette and frilly miniskirt. 

Hmagfall6 abj9ut

All clothing from Sloan/Hall//Styling by Beth Muecke//Model: Mary Frances Nance, Miss Teen Houston

Image: Beth Muecke

Logan Lester

"The denim jacket is the other throwback jacket that's popular this fall, often adorned with logos, pins and other embellishments. How fun!"

Trends Logan is wearing: embellished jean jacket, denim on denim.

Hmagfall7 ifnmao

Styling/Model: Logan Lester, Miss Houston

Image: Beth Muecke

Maria Bassa

"Sometimes a few simple pieces can make a wow outfit."

Trends Maria is wearing: denim skirt, sheer layers, thigh-high boots.

Hmagfall1 wekpov

Styling/Model: Maria Bassa

Image: Beth Muecke

And of course I couldn't just pick one look for fall! One of my favorite trends this year is the return of velvet everything.

Trends I'm wearing: velvet tank top, pants and purse, military-style jacket, graphic clutch. 

Hmagfall5 udh7ap

All clothing from Richly Clad//Styling and model: Beth Muecke

Image: Angie Fanelli


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